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Understanding the High Protein Diet

High Protein Diet: Do you know your body? Your body requires a sufficient supply of proteins for the maintenance of a healthy system. Proteins are fundamental for the repair of broken muscles, development of bones and teeth and maintenance of a strong immune system. A high protein diet is considered a good source of proteins. […]

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Break out your Blender! The Benefits of Juicing

Pure Natural Benefits of Juicing We all love juice, but the juice that we can buy in shops is usually made from concentrate and contains a very small amount of actual fruit. That’s why juicing is gradually becoming so popular – it provides your body with pure, natural nutrients, vitamins and enzymes. Why Juice? As […]

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Benefits of Avocado – Mexico’s Super Fruit

Benefits of Avocado Looks like a pear, tastes like butter. This fruit, with skin distinctively resembling an alligators back, has been called a “super fruit” by several experts, but why? Super Avocado It’s not that big, but an avocado contains literally everything a person needs to survive. Cholesterol-free, high in fiber and with a contents […]

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