7 Reasons You Must Drink More Water

Benefits of Drinking Water

Instead of meditation, we are constantly exposed to drinks high in sugar like soda and juices (which more often than not, despite what it says on the packaging, are made from concentrate). Yes, they do taste kind of good but they are extremely unhealthy for you.

Here are 7 reasons why you should cut out soda drinks from your diet completely and switch to drinking water (with the occasional green tea, of course).

Reason 1.

Water will improve your skin condition. Not only will water consumption moisturize and revitalize your skin, you will also start noticing reduced acne. Soda drinks, because of extremely high levels of sugar, cause acne. So if you stop drinking soda drinks and start drinking water instead – the acne will go away.

Reason Number 2.

Your body’s efficiency will noticeably start decreasing when you are dehydrated and the first organ to be affected by it will be your brain. You need water to improve your concentration and memory. The more hydrated you are the less likely you will be to forget your aunts’ dogs’ birthday ever again!

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Reason Number 3.

Water is essential for anyone that is walking or participating in any kind of physical activity: be it exercise or a job that requires lifting heavy objects. When you sweat, you lose a lot of water and if you don’t compensate that loss you will become dehydrated. And, not only will your brain suffer from it (as mentioned in the previous paragraph) – your muscles will, too.

Reason Number 4.

Water will help you loose weight – fact. There isn’t some really complicated chemical reaction going on here like in food-supplements, for example. Loosing weight by drinking water is essentially tricking your stomach into thinking it’s full up and doesn’t want any more food. In reality you have just filled it up with water which is literally 0 calories. Magic, right? Not really.

Reason Number 5.

Imagine how many toxins pass through your kidneys on a daily basis. Especially if you live in a large city and “occasionally” eat in fast-food chains. The amount of work your kidneys have to cope with is enormous and can’t possibly be done without enough water in your body. If you fail to drink enough, you will be at a high risk of getting kidney stones.

Reason Number 6.

Have you experienced constipation lately? It was probably because you failed to drink enough water. If it happened just that once – it’s not a big deal, but if you regularly drink less water than you should, your digestive system will stop functioning properly altogether and that is a very unpleasant thing.

Reason Number 7.

If you feel a sudden mood swing and/or a headache – don’t instantly say that you are “having a bad day” and reach for some caffeine and a painkiller. Grouchiness and headaches are the first signs of dehydration so make sure to drink some water first; it might help.

How Much Should You Drink

I keep saying that you need to drink enough, but how much is “enough”, exactly? This isn’t a question with a universal answer – every person is different and the amount of water you need to consume daily largely depends on your age, weight, height, occupation, climate etc.

But doctors mostly agree that 8 glasses of water should suffice. You should also remember that nearly 20% of the water in your body gets there through the solid foods you consume. And if, for example, you had diarrhea or vomiting – the amount of water you will need to compensate will seriously increase.

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