Benefits of Coconut Oil: The Endless Uses of Natures Wonder Oil

Benefits of Coconut Oil

We are all familiar with oils such as sunflower oil, vegetable oil and even olive oil. We meet them in everyday life and tend to use them mostly in cooking (although some of you, possibly, have found other ways to apply them). But no oil in the world can compare to coconut oil in terms of varied usage. From medical, to decorative, to kitchen use – coconut oil is extremely universal and should be in every house.

Coconut Oil Uses in Cooking

The amount of ways you can use coconut oil is huge. I, personally, have managed to count over a hundred. And the major areas in which it can be used largely vary as well.

In the kitchen you can use it for cooking as you would any other oil, really (except coconut oil has a much more delicate aroma and can be used as a substitute to butter). Coconut oil has also been proven to be a natural antioxidant and energy-booster so adding certain amount of it to your daily meals will do your body a lot of good. Adding coconut oil to coffee can substitute creamers and milk – both a tastier and healthier option; whereas adding coconut oil to tea has proven to help quicker recover from symptoms of cold and the flu. .

Coconut Oil Health Benefits as a Natural Medicine
natural benefits of coconut oil uses

This leads us on to the next major benefit of coconut oil – medical usage. As well as helping with flu and cold symptoms, a regular intake of coconut oil will balance the hormonal system, eliminate nausea, improve the work of the digestive system, soothe the itch experienced during chicken pox/eczema/mosquito bites etc., help skin to heal (when used directly on the wound), improve overall quality of your sleep and, when combined with a little soda, can also be used as a natural whitening toothpaste (it tastes great, too!).

Coconut Oil – The Ultimate Beauty Product

But the largest (and possibly most important) benefit of coconut oil is in cosmetology. Acne, varicose veins and signs of aging can all be treated with coconut oil. It’s a wonderful natural body lotion and will give your skin a healthy glow as well as reduce the appearance of stretch marks. When rubbed directly on to the skin will also act as natural sun-protection and when combined with sugar acts as a great body scrub. You can even use it on your hair to make it look healthier, stop it from frizzing and avoid split-ends.

Pregnancy and Coconut Oil

One more major use of coconut oil (and I’ve decided that this deserves a completely separate category) is for mothers. Whether you’re a mother-to-be or have already experienced the joy of childbirth – coconut oil is essential for your and your babies’ health. While pregnant – take internally to help provide the baby with necessary fats for development (this is especially effective when taken with fermented cod liver oil) and use externally on your tummy to avoid those dreadful stretch-marks. After birth coconut oil can be used on the babies’ skin to treat cradle cap or nappy rashes. For feeding mothers coconut oil can be used externally on the nipples to avoid discomfort during feeding and taken internally (3-4 teaspoons a day) to increase milk and nutrient supply.

As you see – the possibilities in this case are endless. And, not only is it a completely natural way to approach your health, – just imagine how much money you will be saving on separate (and often overpriced) creams/scrubs etc. It really is something worth purchasing for yourself and your family.

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