Let’s Get Moving: Health Benefits of Walking

Health Benefits of Walking

Is paced walking around the woods actually better than running around the block? In this article I will tell you all about a good way to avoid crowded public transport and why you should ditch your car more often.

Running vs. Walking

While running is a great way to stay fit, it has a few serious downsides. While running, you are putting great pressure on your knees. Professional runners take up an astonishing 60% of all those on the knee transplant list. Walking has a much gentler impact on your joints.

Also, it doesn’t even need to be said that not everyone can run. A lot of us lack the stamina or health to do so. Some can run 5km non-stop and not even lose their breath, while others gasp for air after the first minute. You will lose the same amount of calories from walking as you would from running (of course, you’ll have to walk a slightly larger distance, but that isn’t a difficult task at all).

One more thing – while running, you’re concentrating on your breathing, your leg movements and the music in your headphones, whereas when you walk, you get to enjoy the nature and (calmly) breathe in the fresh air.

Walking Is an Exercise

Walking is just another form of exercise and exercise is good for you. Researchers tell us that an adult person should exercise daily for a period of at least 30 minutes. It doesn’t have to be anything extreme (unless you want it to). Walking for 30 minutes every day will count towards that requirement and, you’ll have to agree with me here, it’s much easier that doing crunches for 30 minutes daily.

Some people chose to do exercise routines, where they train every section of their body separately.. That’s a great way to go about it but walking, however, encompasses everything in one form of physical exercise. While you walk, your legs will obviously be the first to shape up. Your calves, hamstrings and even your bum will be more defined. Then, if you don’t slouch, your abs and waist will show themselves as well. Top tip: to avoid slouching imagine you have a glass of water on each hipbone and shoulder that you don’t want to spill.

You can also involve your arms; by bending them at the elbows and swinging them back and forth to speed yourself up and, at the same time, tone your arm muscles.

Health Benefits of Walking

Walking, like any other exercise, will not only benefit your figure – it will benefit your health as well. Your heart will strengthen and your blood pressure will be under control; not only will your stamina improve as a result, you will also be less prone to strokes and heart attacks by taking daily does of magnesium orcordyceps. If you’re walking on a sunny day you will be getting a lot of natural vitamin D that keeps our immune systems alert and bones strong. Walking will also have a positive effect on your brain, by increasing your awareness and concentration and preventing dementia in the long run.

But, above all, walking will make you happier. When you walk, you get the chance to get your thoughts together. Even chemicals agree with us on this one – during exercise endorphins (the “happiness hormones”) and secreted into our bloodstream, which will result in less stress and more smiles. So fight the laziness and walk instead of getting in your car or catching a bus.

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