Relax Yourself with Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation   has become increasingly popular as we see it mentioned more and more often in the media. It promises to bring us physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits but what exactly should we expect from this ancient yoga technique?

Physiological Benefits

I’ll start off with the more obvious benefit of meditation – the one that affects our bodies directly. By meditating we gradually learn to control our breathing and slow our heart rate which, in turn, increases our physical stamina. No more loosing your breath and sweating while walking up the hill!

Meditation also seeks to relax you so, if you’re doing it right, your muscles will start experiencing a new kind of relaxation. Back pains and other kinds of muscle pains usually occur as a result of them being in a state of hyper-tension. When you relax, the tension will slowly go away and so will the pain. You will also grow to become more flexible with the benefits if yoga.

This one may be a psychological benefit from ones point of view, but it is medically proven to positively affect your nervous system. Meditation significantly lowers levels of stress and anxiety, at the same time increasing your concentration and energy levels. A traumatized nervous system may affect your entire body like, for example, your endocrine (hormonal)  system which, in turn, leads to weight gain, infertility and skin conditions, such as acne. It doesn’t need to be said how important it is to keep our nervous system healthy. You should always help your body when you can by taking various supplements like minerals(magnesium), vitamins, a healthy diet

Psychological Benefits


Psychological benefits of meditation are all about the way you feel. The thing you will notice almost immediately after meditating is that your mood will change. You will feel happier and more content. This will lead to an increased sense of self-confidence.

You will learn to control your thoughts and think directly, without worrying about your every day issues, like quarrels with your family or minor problems at work. You will also, in time, be able to face your fears and phobias.

And when you are happy, content and worry less your relationships with the world will become better. Meditation, in the psychological sense, is a journey to emotional maturity.

Spiritual Benefits

Spiritual is what meditation has always been about. By doing meditation regularly and with dedication, you will get to know your inner “I”. You will stop doubting your decisions and slowly discover your purpose in life. Your mind, body and soul will be in harmony and you will more readily accept and live in the present moment.

Meditation is absolutely free and requires no special equipment at all (except you might want to invest in a sound system – music helps you relax during the process). The amount of time you decide to invest into it is also completely up to you. Even 15 minutes a day will make a big difference.

When living in a big city and exposed to large amounts of stress, meditating is a great way to relax and isolate yourself (for at least a few minutes) from the chaos of the outside world. Surely, it might not be for everyone, but you should at least give it a try – you just might discover something wonderful.

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