The Amazing Secret Benefits of Cinnamon

Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Who hasn’t sprinkled cinnamon over their homemade apple pies and sticky buns? It’s a great-tasting spice we’re all more or less familiar with. But there’s more to love about cinnamon than just its taste. As a product rich in fiber, calcium, iron and manganese – it has a lot to offer.

Sweet Treat

Most of us associate cinnamon with sweet things, like baked pies. So it will come as a surprise that cinnamon actually stabilizes blood sugar levels, which is great for those with hypoglycemia and diabetes alike, and just those of us who are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon deals with various infectious diseases and arthritis. It’s great for women, as it stabilizes the hormonal system, dealing with both symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome and infertility. Our heart will also say thank you to us if we add cinnamon & fish oil to our diets. This spice is proven to lower the levels of “bad” cholesterol in our bloodstream, which helps our hearts function better. And as if this wasn’t enough, cinnamon is proven to affect our brains in a positive way by greatly increasing our alertness and concentration and thus, in the long run, preventing the onset of various mental illnesses such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia – all the more reason to use cinnamon as often as possible in the kitchen. Check out the benefits of green tea.

Can You Believe the Scent of Cinnamon has Benefits?

The benefits, described above, don’t work exclusively if you consume cinnamon internally with food. You will gain the same benefits if you are constantly exposed to the scent of cinnamon as well. Here are a few ways you can fill your home with this lovely odor:

  • The easiest way is to ground some cinnamon in a bowl and place in the centre of the room – the scent will fill up the space in no time;
  • You could make a homemade spray (that will most definitely be free from all the harmful chemicals modern sprays contain) by adding a few drops of cinnamon oil into a bottle of water and shake it well before use;
  • Or you could even sprinkle a tiny bit of cinnamon powder onto your kitchen stove, so that when it will be burning the smell of cinnamon pies will waft through the kitchen (or you could just make cinnamon pies, if you want).

You can purchase cinnamon in the form of sticks or powder. Sticks have a longer best before date whereas powder has a richer flavor. What you chose is up to you. Just remember to not buy huge quantities of it as it looses its taste quite quickly.

Cinnamon Gets Even Better

You could put cinnamon to use as a preservative, as well. When listing the benefits of cinnamon, I mentioned that it was good at dealing with infectious diseases. This was proven in an experiment where a small amount of cinnamon was added to apple juice, contaminated with the horrid E. coli bug. You won’t believe this, but within 72 hours, cinnamon killed over 99% of all the bacteria. Imagine what it will do to any bacteria in your body and especially to the products you are preserving.

Having read all of this, it’s no wonder that around 2000 years ago, cinnamon was considered even more valuable than gold and having cinnamon in your household meant that you were extremely wealthy and influential. People back then knew what they were talking about.

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