The Latest Superfood: White Mulberry Benefits You Need to Know

Going natural seems to be the craze right now. Apart from being completely healthy(wheatgrass benefits) compared to the offerings at your local fast food joint, natural foods like fruits and berries are considered to be a hundred times tastier than munching on, say, a burger. Then, there are those fruits and herbs that are now being dubbed as “superfoods” and white mulberry is one of them.

What makes this Chinese herb great? What can you expect from it? Below are 5 of the astounding white mulberry benefits that you may not know.

White Mulberry Benefits #1: Sugar Control

One notable benefit in White Mulberries is that they have far lower sugar content compared to most dried fruits like raisins and figs. In fact, a single candy bar contains 100 times the sugar content when compared to single mulberry. Despite this, white mulberries still retain a slightly sweet taste in them that is quite similar to figs and raisins.

Apart from containing far lesser sugars than most fruits, white mulberries also contain a compound known as 1-deoxynojrimycin (or DNJ, for short), a substance that can inhibit the absorption of sugar in the body.

What does this mean? It simply means that your body, upon the ingestion of sugar, will simply excrete the extra sugar instead of absorbing them into bloodstream. For people with diabetes, this herb is great for controlling their blood sugar levels.

Scientists even believe that regularly drinking white mulberry tea is a good way of preventing spikes in blood sugar levels, making this one of the most effective white mulberry benefits recently discovered & possibly even able to reverse the effect of type 2 diabetes with prolonged usage.

White Mulberry Benefits #2: Improving Body Conditions


People are really considered nowadays by how much free radicals their bodies are taking in everyday as this toxin can result in various medical complications in the future. Fortunately, one of the white mulberry benefits is that it contain a substance that is known as phenols which is a powerful antioxidant.

This means that your body can detoxify itself at a better rate with the help of this herb. Better yet, studies found out that constant ingestion of this herb can remove even the toxins that can lead to cardiovascular problems.

If your body is quite frail and sickly, ingesting white mulberries at a regular basis can help in making it even stronger. Like  One of the best benefits of this fruit is that it can improve one’s own immune system, meaning your body can withstand diseases at a far more effective rate.

White Mulberries have also been treated as medicine in China as it can cure dizziness, constipation and chronic joint pain.

There are even several reports that it can also prevent premature aging, ear loss and even hair loss. This might come off as hokey at the start, but there have been studies that have noted that people who have this herb as part of their daily diet look younger and get sick at a far lesser rate compared to those who don’t.

White Mulberry Benefits #3: Weight Control

People often get embarrassed when they eat too much as this would just add up to their total body weight. The good news one of the white mulberry benefits is that they contain little to no saturated fat at all which means that you can take them at a regular basis and you would never feel heavier than you were.

Plus, the amount of fiber in white mulberries will help in your diet as it can lower your cholesterol and even regulate your digestion. With just a cup of these berries, you would already be taking in 20% of the fiber your body needs on a daily basis. Add an extra boost of protein to your body with spirulina benefits. 

There are various ways you can take in white mulberries. In fact, you can use the whole tree. The barks and leaves, for instance, can be put in boiling water and taken in a tea of sorts. On the other hand, the fruit can be taken in as part of your daily breakfast or as a snack. In truth, a single bowl of mulberries can pack more protein than your commercial cereal, making for a very loaded breakfast or snack.

Regardless of how you take it in, nor what benefits it can give to you, it is very important that you consider taking them on a daily basis in order to enjoy the best white mulberry benefits.

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