The Unknown Natural Benefits of Chia Seeds

It’s always slightly suspicious when a food supplement becomes increasingly popular literally over-night. As I mentioned in the article about fish oil, a lot of providers attempt to promote their product as a “remedy for everything”, and that rarely is the case. Chia seeds, however, indeed have great benefits for those who consume them.

All the Great Stuff in a Tiny Seed

Chia seeds are tiny but you’ll be surprised by how much useful elements they contain, despite their size. Omega 3, phosphorous, fiber and manganese are just a few of them. Adding chia seeds to your diet will allow you to receive all the vital elements your body needs to remain healthy.

Chia seeds have been proven to combat diabetes, due to its positive effect on the digestive system. Every half of a chia seed serving consists entirely of fiber, which will regulate your stool habits. And, as mentioned before, chia seeds contain large amounts of omega 3 which assists a healthy brain function and increases concentration levels.

Taking this supplement will take care of your bones, due its high levels (18% per serving) of calcium, manganese and phosphorous. This will prevent your bones from being brittle, as well as have a positive effect on your oral health. Teeth are bones, too.

chia seeds

Chia Seeds and Weight Loss

As mentioned in the previous section, chia seeds are a great way to fight diabetes all with green tea. But what a lot of people don’t know is that high insulin resistance levels have been linked to the appearance of excessive belly fat. By fighting diabetes, you will be fighting for a great body as well.

Diabetes aside, these magical seeds also contain a natural chemical called tryptophan. This type of chemical is found in meat so, after eating chia seeds, your brain will receive this chemical and decide that it’s just had a big meal and stop sending hunger signals. This will help fight those dreadful cravings we all sometimes suddenly get at 1am.

Sleeping patterns have also been proven to have a negative effect our weight. People with irregular sleeping patterns (or people that chronically don’t get enough sleep) tend to have an irregular appetite as a result. Chia seeds help restore healthy sleep, a regular appetite and thus will help you loose kilograms faster. Read about the benefits of apple cider vinegar

How to Eat Chia Seeds

By now, you probably want to find out what to do with these chia seeds. They’re great for you, but how do you consume them? Well, you could eat them raw. They don’t really have any taste at all, though, so it might be a bit boring. I recommend adding them to your everyday meals: salads, cookie dough, granola or anything else you can think of, really. As I mentioned before – chia seeds have no taste, so they won’t affect the flavor of your meal.

If you’re still struggling with it, here is a great recipe for a smoothie with chia seeds – perfect refreshment for a hot summers’ day.

You will need a teaspoon of chia seeds, a banana, half a cup of any berries you like (if they’re frozen – you won’t need to add any ice), a cup of milk and a teaspoon of honey (or sugar, if you prefer). Mix it all together in a blender and drink straight away; a delicious and healthy treat. You can toggle the amounts of each component to your own taste (and use milk to your own taste – semi-skimmed or full fat), but the ratios I have provided will give you a drink with a nutritious value of about 280 calories.

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